Sixty Drawings + 10, The Whitaker, Rawtenstall. June 17th-August 11th.




60 artists, from a variety of different disciplines who exhibited in an exhibition in 2012 in Manchester, were invited once more to submit a drawing alongside 10 new artists invited to exhibit alongside the original 60 at The Whitaker.

60 Drawings + 10 explores, defines and celebrates the locality and discipline of drawing in its diverse forms.

My drawing presented in the exhibition, ‘Found Drawing, Parys Mountain Underground. Bridge,16 fathoms. First attempt ‘, has been selected from a body of 10 large ‘found drawings’. These huge, brightly-coloured drawings have been created by the passage of time in pitch blackness in the abandoned underground mine workings at Parys Mountain Copper Mine, Anglesey, by the repeated action of mineral drippings through the mine. Strategically placed , left for 6 weeks, and then retrieved (with difficulty), they have been carried up and down rickety ladders in pitch blackness, retracing the steps and actions of the early miners. The drawing both describes, and is created by, its unique environment.

Sixty Drawings + Ten