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Recently shown at ‘Open Spaces’, Kubaii, Bocholt, Germany, and The Merzbarn, Cumbria, this  ongoing body of work  continues Randall’s  engagement with the secretive and overlooked,  and explores ideas about territory and ownership. It celebrates the spirit of the ad hoc , often illegal buildings and extensions people build to define, assert and sometimes  extend personal territory.

Originally based on observations and photographs taken in the Rossendale Valley, Lancs, where Randall has her studio, the sculptures are tiny scaled versions of sheds and other industrial buildings , lovingly recreated with every detail in simple materials. Often taken out of the architectural context in which they sit, they force reappraisal as visually dynamic sculptural objects. The series went international in 2016 with 4 new German sheds commissioned by Curator Barbel Mollmann for the ‘Open Spaces’ Residency and Exhibition at Kubaii,  Bocholt, Germany.

Touchstones Rochdale purchased a series of the shed sculptures for the gallery’s permanent collection in 2015.

Photography: David Bennett.