Solo Exhibition, “Golden Venture” opens in Swansea June 30th 2011

Jill Randall’s major solo exhibition opens on June 30th 2011 at Invitation to Exhibition Opening 6pm at the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea, The National Industrial Museum of Wales.

Jill Randall  “Golden Venture”  .
– An Artists Residency at Parys Mountain Copper Mine.

Dates:  2nd July – 18th Sept 2011.


The exhibition is the culmination of Jill Randall’s 3-year Artists Residency at Parys Mountain Copper Mine, Amlwch, Anglesey, once the world’s leading centre of copper production. The heart of the exhibition is a series of huge, brightly-coloured drawings created in the abandoned underground mine workings. Physically and practically very difficult to site and retrieve, they have been carried down rickety ladders in pitch blackness. The exhibition also includes prints from etching plates bitten in sulphurous pools and and sculpture inspired by mining and geological processes.
Parys Mountain is an extraordinary place, an extreme environment, with its own “terrible beauty” of amazing colours, and a toxic landscape where corrosion and time are accelerated. Beneath the skin of the landscape lie hidden voids, the vast underground network of abandoned mine shafts where peculiar life forms grow in the complete absence of light.
“Golden Venture” celebrates the enormously important and often overlooked historic and industrial links between Amlwch and Swansea , which helped build “Copperopolis”, and the “World of Welsh Copper”.