‘Open Spaces-Under Construction’ , Bocholt , Germany, April 22-May 1st 2016

Jill has recently been invited by curator Barbel Mollmann to participate in the international project, ‘Open Spaces-Under Construction -Zukunft bauen’ , at Kubaii, Bocholt, Germany April 22nd-May 1st.

Jill will be creating new work with 14 other international artists in Kubaii (Kultuquartie Aa und Industriestrasse Bocholter), a beautiful old textile spinning mill in the old industrial quartet of Bocholt, soon to be redeveloped.

‘In the Bocholt context, the series of works Randall proposes to exhibit questions ideas about permanence and transcience, about the passing of time and the tide of history.
They celebrate renewal and change, and make us aware of life’s impermanence, of the constant state of building, demolishing, flux and change. OPEN SPACES_Banner_Herding_230x350_RZThe works make strong links between the shared textile industry heritage of Rossendale and Bocholt , introducing elements from the Rossendale industrial landscape into Bocholt .
Randall will be making a series of new Bocholt sheds and architectural structures prior to the Open Spaces ‘Under Construction –Build The Future Residency, and creating some whilst there, responding directly and immediately to the place.
Some of the acclaimed series of works, ‘Sheds of Rochdale’ and ‘Sheds of Rossendale’ will be brought to Bocholt and reconfigured with the new Bocholt sheds in a dynamic sculpture installation.
In the ‘Age of the Refugee’, the works have poignant nuances, referring to the idea of shelter, refuge, referencing the improvised human shelters constructed from available materials in shanty towns all over the world. Part found-object, part sculpture construction, they also play with sculptural language and notions of the beautiful and ugly.